Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Unfortunately, you will need to register and subsequently sign in to use the service.
Yes. Just ensure to fill in the right details on behalf of the person.
Yes, place an order and be sure to checkout to the payment page after the payment summary. Then, exit the payment page by clicking back on your browser. This will redirect you back to Place an Order page. Now, click on the History tab and view your order that you would like to pay later.
Yes, provided that you register with a different email.
No, you will require a valid email address to register.
This will depend on the pick up location, the earliest is 3 working days from the date of a completed order.
Unfortunately, at this moment we do not provide such services but we are looking to expand this in the near future.
Yes, we provide wrapping and helmet delivery as add-on options.
No, the prices displayed are exclusive of SST.
Yes. You can download the application from the respective store.